Binzhou, Shandong, a pair of small lovers, after graduating from looking for work, was originally in the Mood for Love, a good graduation season of youth, the couple together looking forward to a better life. But because renting out, do not liking.

Sweet couple in the school near a village in the city to find a house, slowly settle down, over and over to find work, and soon, they will find their favorite works, just into the community Young people, seem to have full of longing for the community, heart than days high, the work is always very positive. Threw himself into life and work, the first few months time, life flies gusto. They are very motivated to work together every morning, come back from work at night, seems to be combined into a small family. The two world is very happy

Soon, her boyfriend Deng Min because of work needs, the company asked him to accompany a trip to visit the old staff, learning things. The first trip is about a week.

Boyfriend on a business trip, so that red is not used to one night, early get off work home, usually when the get off work with her boyfriend came back, and today came back early. Landlord to see the beautiful little red back early to say hello, saying how come back so early today, Xiaohong told her boyfriend to travel, and his only a home early. Surprisingly, the ill-advised metamorphosis of the landlord already had the idea, waiting for the day for a long time.

Little red looks very beautiful, excellent build, just graduated from the girl, in the eyes of more than 50-year-old man, is simply the United States if the angel. Who knows, since the first sight to see the red, the landlord has a ghost mind, thinking about one day to take advantage of the fantasy, and anxious little red rented in, often peeping her bath, several landlords to detect water meters with water heater circuit grounds Into their house, usually just into the community just students, how could not think of the landlord even become good intentions, secretly installed in their wc spy toilet cam, videotaped them to take a bath!

At night, the landlord knocked at the door, said the detection of water meter, entered the door to carefully observe the hidden windows of the door, red also did not rub the landlord’s intention to lock up the door for fear of others sneak in, There is no malice.

However, the accident happened, the landlord felt safe, one hand holding the red, asked her to have sexual relations, red began to struggle. The landlord is threatening her that he used a hidden cameras for toilet recorded his bath video, asked to go to bed before, or video on the Internet to speak, a moment of fear of red stunned, and once thought it was kind-hearted The landlord, now has become a rapist, her mind suddenly chaos. But also afraid of disturbing neighbors, spread out to affect their reputation, had to let the landlord torture ,,,

Later, the spirit of extreme trance, her boyfriend came back found wrong, was asked, the last red or not to conceal the fact that her boyfriend was informed that the police, the Public Security Bureau was involved in investigating the matter.

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