Recently, another major news broke, that is a major news, in fact, the people around does not seem to think what is new. Feng County government staff, and unannounced visits to reporters with a hidden camera nano staff to record the work style of lazy work.

8 morning, the reporter with the county-level leadership and supervision team to the government departments to supervise the work of investigating authorities. As well as an understanding of the staff’s style of work. Because after that, often the masses broke the news that the government staff corruption, work play games, shopping Taobao, and even some more outrageous is that some staff actually still cocked his legs drinking coffee, listening to music, some friends call him This is at work? ?? Which is to serve the people? ?? This is not clear is to enjoy it? ?? Such a ridiculous act, and soon caused a sensation.

Reporters unannounced visits to carry the mini hidden camera wifi to shoot a clear as a video. In an office, a male staff member, is chatting with several beautiful women, chatting is happy, also opened the video! . . Reporters behind the station stood a full 10 minutes, but there is no perception, has been very much talked about. Working hours, in government offices in the office, even so bold to start this kind of thing to! What a ridiculous!

At present, the Commission has been involved in investigating the matter. The results of the matter to be further investigation.

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