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Product Description


Large amounts of WiFi jammers are for sale at the online stores now and it is necessary to think twice about which one you should choose. A choice can be made based on the real situation that the device planned to be used and the requirements about the jamming distance, whether the device is portable and so on. And for this Built in Antenna Mini Handheld  WiFi Jammer which is designed for people in need of the palm-sized WIFI jammer devices.


This mini jammer device is designed only to jam the 2400-2500MHz WiFi signal with an output of 0.5W. Through the output power of this WiFi jammer is not strong, but since adapting the super-high frequency and mini-power interference technology, high efficiency, the effective jamming range is up to 10 meters for this WiFi jammer.


And the hidden design of the antenna make the WiFi jammer not easy to be discovered by others, as you can just put it into your pocket and other hidden places. In this way, more convenience are created for the users who want to block the WiFi signal without the device being easily discovered by others.



This product carry convenience, hidden sex good, equipped with lithium electricity, battery under wired replacement,

imitation full a electric can work for two hours or so, with car charger and straight imitation, used for shielding bluetooth,

WIFI, wireless 2.4 G eavesdropping candid camera, wireless local area network card, etc.

Detailed Product Description


Output port Frequency Average out-putting power Channel out-putting power
WIFI  2400-2485MHZ 30dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
Power supply: AC adapter   (AC110V-240V  DC5V)

Operate time: 2hours

Semidiameter of interception:1-5 m(-75dBm)

Antenna: 1pcs

Packing: neutral packing; Logo can be printed per customer’s requirement based on quantity.

Power consume:400mW

Gross Weight after Packaging :0.32KG

Package Size: 195(L)*135(W)*57(H)mm

Dimension of the Main Part:  95 (L)×48(W)×17(H)mm

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