thermometer camera

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Function: Spy camera thermometer, Stealth VCR
Internal memory: 4GB
This spy camera thermometer doesn`t support TF card
Video, Human body induction video
360 days and 24 hours monitor
Monitor, alarm, guard against theft
Photographing function
Be under defense and monitor for 250 hours
Easy video content, Upload video network such as YouTube
Video files: 640 x 480 CIF resolution ratio, 30 frames per second
Video formats: AVI
Temperature range: -30 ~ 50 degrees Celsius
Working time: When it`s fully charged, it can be holding state for 20 days, or it can video continuously for about 4 hours, please fully charge the battery before use.
Charge voltage: DC-5V
Dimensions: 235 x 53 x 13 mm

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