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Product Features

◇The 8M-pixel CMOS sensor can realize HD shooting.

◇The ultra HD camera OV9712 presents clearer pictures.

◇The function of file compressing makes a bigger storage.

◇It can shoot videos for up to 5 hours, which supports a large-capacity battery.

◇With an exquisite design, it’s more concealed.

◇The concealed camera enables you to use it at ease.

◇The concealed switch makes your operation experience more technological.

◇The FHD 1080P shooting is clearer and smoother.

◇It supports a high-capacity storage, with the maximum storage of 32G.

◇It has powerful functions such as shooting and recording, HD night vision and motion detection.

◇Designed with an external storage, it’s more practical and convenient, so the information will be safer.

◇With the function of motion detection, no wonderful moment will be missed.

◇With an external high-capacity lithium battery, it can be recharged and used for multiple times.

◇It has a highly sensitive 2.4G remote control feature.

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