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TCT-X006 Operation Manual

The product supports GSM850/900/1800/1900 network and GPRS, is provided with four standard frequencies, can achieve seamless switching among different networks, and has the biggest advantages of being small in size, strong in signal, large in sound, stable in performance, ultra-long in standby time, and globally universal.

Start-up:Open the rear cover, insert the SIM card into the card holder to automatically power on, then use after the indicator light goes out.

Monitor and detection:After start-up, monitor by tool capable of dialing when necessary, and dial to know the conditions within 10 meters around.

Voice callback:

Phone CallbackStart by phone: Dial the SIM card number in the alarm by fixed line or mobile phone, immediately hang up once get through, thus accomplish the setup, and give tacit consent to alarm condition. (Once a sound reaches 60db within 4 meters from the alarm, the set number will be automatically dialed by the alarm).

Start by SMS: Edit SMS“888”and send to the alarm (Once a sound reaches 60db within 4 meters from the alarm, the set number will be automatically dialed by the alarm).

Message CallbackEdit SMS “777”and send to the alarm When the sound around the product exceeds 60dB, there will be a Chinese SMS “Safety tips: Someone broke into secretly” replied to the authorized person.

Manual Adjustment of Sensitivity:Edit SMS “777#70#”( SMS callback) or “888#70#”(phone callback)and send to the alarm. The machine will turn on the sound control function, and set the number after 777 or 888 as the sensitivity of sound detection. There will be a SMS reply when the feature is set successfully. The last number could be 10 (high sensitivity) to 100(low sensitivity).

Vibration callback: Edit SMS“ZD”and send to the alarm (Once the alarm is subjected to vibration from outside, the set number will be automatically dialed).

Closed:Edit SMS “444” and send to the alarm

Power query command:Send command “666”, e.g. if the user edits SMS “666” and sends to the alarm, the alarm can detect the power and return the following contents according to different conditions of power:

“Tracker battery full” (full power)

“Tracker battery half” (half power)

“Tracker battery low” (low power, please charge timely)


* Before initial use, the product must be fully charged in order to reach the optimum efficiency. Please charge by the original charge cable of the product.

* Standard configuration of charger: ±5.0V, 300-500MA, the host can be free from damage.

* If the light isn’t working, which means that battery is out of power, please charge before use.

* If the phone cannot make a call, please insert SIM card and start up again, or try again after charge.

* If the phone cannot automatically answer the coming call, please insert SIM card and start up again.

* If a controller is to be added, please customize.

* Do not attempt to disassemble. Man-made damage is outside the ‘Three Guarantees’

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