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A reliable Wi-Fi camera with strong concealment must be your powerful tool to collect crime evidence or monitor the condition of your house, office when you’re going out, guaranteeing the personal & property safety of your family and yourself. Here we’d like to introduce this UFO Point-to-Point Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera to you. It features easy operation, sensitive response, HD clear pictures and bright sound. Moreover, this hidden camera looks like a normal smoke detector so that it’s not easy to be found. A trustworthy security product you can rely on!


  1. New and high quality
  2. Record and photograph anytime by one-touch
  3. Can record during charging
  4. Network remote video function, very convenient
  5. High-speed dynamic video, transient response in light and dark environment
  6. Support iPhone IOS, Android phone
  7. Easy connection configuration
  8. Point-to-point direct connected video function
  9. Much screen in the Intranet function


  1. Color: White
  2. Weight: 2.12oz / 60g
  3. Dimensions: (1.97 x 3.94)” / (5 x 10)cm(H x Dia.)
  4. Pixl: 2.0 Megapixel CMOS
  5. Resolution: 720P
  6. Video Format: ASF / AVI
  7. Frames: 30
  8. View Angle: 90°
  9. Distance of Motion Detection Shooting: 6M Straight-Line Distance
  10. Power Supply: 3.7V Li-Battery
  11. Continuous Recording Time: 2 Hours
  12. Compressed Format: H.264
  13. Sound Recording Range: 5m2
  14. Power Consumption: 240mA / 3.7V
  15. Storage Temperature:-20℃~80℃
  16. Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃
  17. Operating Humidity: 15~85%RH
  18. Type of Memory Card: 64GB
  19. Play Software: VLCPlayer / SMPlayer
  20. Computer Operation System: Windows / Mac OS X
  21. Mobile Phone Operation System: Android/IOS
  22. Web Browser: IE7 or Above,Chrom,Firefox,Safari,etc
  23. Support Limited Pieces Client Software Online at Same Time: 4
  24. Plug: U.S Standard



Package Includes:

1 x Smoke Monitor

1 x Bracket

1 x Power Adapter

1 x USB Cable

1 x CD

1 x User Manual

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