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  • GSM Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Max transfer power:GSM900 Class4 2w,DSC1800 Class1 1W
  • Sensitive: -102dBm
  • battery:500mAh
  • Working time:500mAh working 4-5 hours,
  • Standby time:15days
  • Volume: 3 level adjustable
  • Working temperature: -25degree – +70degree
  • Voltage: 3.4-4.5V
  • Current: 200MA
  • Standby current:1MA
  • Compatible Earpiece: 218,305,A680,A108
  • Max effective Distance between earpiece and car key : 70cm


User Guide:



A: Intall the 337 battery to micro earpiece, plug in your ear. 

B:Cut GSM SIM card to Micro SIM card(like iphone4 SIM card size),put it into the GSM car key slot, please check the correct direction.

C:Place Gsm car key a right position to transmit audio signal to earpiece— distance is 0-70cm  .

D: Press the Power Button for 3 seconds, your will hear “system Start, please waiting” from your earpiece.

press this button for 3 seconds again it will power off, you will hear“system Power off” from your earpiece

E:You can press voice button to adjust the volume, three level(large,middle,small), when it adjust to large volume you will listen “di,di” sound in earpiece, press to change in cycle.

F:`You can press Middle button to know the work status : If the yellow indicator lights, the machine is now power on . If no indicator lights, the machine is now power off.

Now, install finished you can call the SIM card number in this this machine, you can listen and speak.


Connect it to your cell phone charger or PC’USB port for changing via USB cable, during charging the LED will turn on RED, when is full will change to green.


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