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To install equipment correctly and using equipment quickly, before using the device, please read user manual carefully. Pictures are only for reference, please take practicality as standard.

  1. Using methods
  • Before using, please check model number of equipment and accessories.
  • Open back cover of equipment, install SIM/GPRS card ( It supports SIM card of CMCC and China Unicom), then install battery and turn equipment on.
  • Please record IMEI number at back of equipment to use for enquiry location.


  1. Install indication

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  • Contrarotate and open back cover to take battery out.

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  • After installing SIM card, please power watch on.


  1. Methods of query positioning.
  • Please input website of www.gps902 .net, then input IMEI number and password to login and query positioning. IMEI number is at back of back cover, default password is 123456
  • Please use mobile phoneto scan QR code and download APP, then use device number and default password to login and query positioning.
  • Please add officialaccounts of “GPS cloud service” on WeChat, then input @IMEI number#123456 and bind. After binding, please send 123 to query positioning.

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  1. Functions of product
  • GPS real-time positioning
  • Query 60 days historical route
  • Vibration alarm
  • Electronic fence
  • SOS emergency call
  • Mutil-modes working
  • Mutil-stages to query: APP/WeChat/SMS/PC
  • Worldwide available
  • Low power alarm
  • Callback by voice control


  1. Parameter of equipment

Power: 1480mAh

Size: 4.5cm*1.8cm

Net weight: 35g

Suitable groups: personal tracking, pets tracking, car/motorcycle tracking

Standby time: around 15days

Accuracy of positioning: <5M (GPS)

Positioning ways: GPS+AGPS+GSM

GSM frequency bands: 850M/900M/1800M/1900M, worldwide available

GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP

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  1. Using instruction
  • Bind numbers

Number is bound by command. Please send SMS “CENTER,000000,your phone number#” to phone number of equipment’s SIM card ( The mobile phone number used in equipment), then equipment will reply CENTER OK automatically. That means binding is success. If it replies PASSWORD ER, that means binding is fail.

After binding, long press SOS button of equipment, equipment will dial bound phone number automatically. If vibration alarm function has been opened, alarm message will be sent to bound phone number automatically. If it is only used for positioning monitor, phone number no need to be bound.


  • SMS query positioning

Please send SMS “123” to phone number of equipment’s SIM card, then equipment will reply current position automatically.

Please send SMS “URL#” to phone number of equipment’s SIM card, then equipment will reply map link of current position.

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(3)  Vibration alarm

Please send SMS “ZD,1#” to phone number of equipment’s SIM card, then equipment will reply ZD OK. That means vibration alarm function is opened. If you want to close this function, please send SMS “ZD, 0#” to equipment.

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(4)APP query

Please scan QR code in user manual or search APP in website to download and install APP.

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(5)Electronic fence

You can set scope of fence by APP or computer stage. When equipment enters the scope, it will alarm to monitor.

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  1. FAQ
  2. (1) About standby time

There are many factors will influence standby time of equipment, such as using frequency, moving frequency, signal strength etc. If standby time is too short, please charge equipment for 5 hours with SIM card in it, then change mode to super-long time standby mode. The standby time will be longest.

Safe mode: real-time positioning, accuracy is very high, but it will consume very much power.

Power saving mode: It assists to positioning. Accuracy is not same in different cities. Power can be saved.

Super-long time standby mode: only when SMS is sent to change equipment to safe mode, equipment will be online. It can save much power.

SMS commands:

wkmd, 0# —- safe mode

wkmd, 1# —- power saving mode

wkmd, 2# —-super-long time standby mode


(2)Position on stage is updated slowly or no update

When position of equipment is no updates, please ensure equipment has been set to safe mode.

If equipment has been set to safe mode, and position is still not update, please send SMS “reset#” to phone number of equipment’s SIM card. It will take around 3mintues to update current position of equipment again.


  • How to judge if equipmenthas been power on and working.

When equipment with SIM card is powered on, indicator light will flicker several times, that means equipment has been powered on, then you can login and query position.


  • Charging notes

When charging power, SIM must be installed in equipment, otherwise, equipment can not be charged successfully. During charging, blue indicator light will light on, that means equipment is charging. It usually charges for 5 hours. After fully charging, blue indicator light will light off. When charging, please do not regard APP’s power percentage as standard.


  • After installing SIM card, indicator light flicker all the time.

If indicator light flickers all the time, please check SIM card direction is correct or not. After installing SIM card correctly, please put equipment at open outdoors and wait for 10 minutes. When equipment receive signal, it will work normally.

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