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Handheld Style 5 Band 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Product Description
As various types of mobile phone jammers now are for sale in the market, so to gain one with good function and select the right one is important. So if you need the 3G mobile phone jammer that can be used outside, here this Handheld Style 5 Band 3G Mobile Phone Jammer can meet your requirement.
This product carry convenience, built-in lithium electricity, imitation full a electric can work for two hours or so, with car charger and straight imitation, a large number of to be used in small conference rooms, office, secret place, etc
Detailed Product Description
Technology index
Output port Frequency Average out-putting power Channel out-putting power
CDMA/GSM 850-960MHz 25dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
DCS/PHS 1805-1990MHz 25dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
3G  2100-2200MHZ 25dBm 3dBm/30KHz(min)
Available system: world wide cell phone network
Power supply: AC adapter   (AC110V-240V  DC5V)
Operate time: 2hours
Semidiameter of interception:1-5 m(-75dBm)
Antenna: 3pcs ( Please fix the antenna follow the mark in the unit)
Packing: neutral packing; Logo can be printed per customer’s requirement based on quantity.
Power consume:400mW
Gross Weight after Packaging :0.35KG
Package Size: 195(L)*135(W)*57(H)mm
Dimension of the Main Part:  95 (L)×45(W)×18(H)mm


1. small place which need special security
2. the personal office,  conference room
3. the vehicle,  or other special place which need special protect
4. conference room of government or company
5. for personal or business requirements

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