Here to tell you about spy sunglasses operating instructions, hope to bring some friends to help. First, we must first plug the memory card in the card slot, and then boot, press the function key to boot, light directly into the standby mode.

Second, the machine into the standby mode, press the function key to start taking pictures, automatically take pictures and save the file.

Third, when the boot, in standby mode, long press the start button for two seconds, automatically start recording, the light does not light, in the power supply, memory enough to continue recording, the last press the power button to pause the video, And automatically saved.


Fourth, long press the power key for a few seconds, the lights flash three times after the lights off, the device into shutdown, shutdown will automatically save the file. We are very clear, we use this spy gadgets is used for candid, so you must master the shooting skills with the use of methods, as a better unannounced visits to evidence.

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