A friend asked me yesterday, how to check whether the room was installed airbnb hidden camera, hidden video camera,spy hidden camera, mini spy camera,what tools need to detect, if there is no professional tool, then, what is a simple way to detect,hidden camera detector.
Just done the camera, also analyzed the market, a brief introduction on the bar.

Want to find the camera, first of all to the working principle of the hidden cameras from the start to see where you can start to detect.


 Any camera requires visible light to be imaged, so the first thing you can do is the lens. All the lenses reflect the light well, and the reflected light is very distinctive. The first is even if the environment is white light, the reflection will be colorful (the glass of different colors of light refraction index is not the same), the second is the lens is convex lens, reflection point is much smaller than the incident light. This can be used as an important means to find the camera. The specific search method is also very simple, that is, holding a flashlight at each looked like a hidden camera as the hole, and then observe the reflected light. The best practice is the flashlight facing the front of the laptop or mobile phone camera shots, shaking the flashlight back and forth, if you see this little color reflection, and shaking flashlight reflection point, even if you get started. This is usually the camera’s lens reflex. This is the laptop’s own camera shot reflective, click to enlarge, you can see inside the red circle there are two reflective points, namely yellow and blue. The general hole or else do not reflect, or else a reflection is not such a bright spot.


This is their own laptop computer camera reflective, click to enlarge, you can see there are two red circle reflective point, respectively, yellow and blue. The general hole or else do not reflect, or else a reflection is not such a bright spot.

Of course, professionals do not work so inefficient, there are many on the market with the same principle to do out of the detector, in fact, are the lens detector. LED lights around the circle, the middle is reflective detection sensor.

 The second breakthrough is the image sensor (CCD / CMOS), which does not have its own problems, but these sensors typically require a crystal to generate a clock that scans the image line by line (line clock). These clock generators will have a relatively fixed frequency of electromagnetic leakage. The line clock is generally 12MHz to 30MHz, the field clock is generally 15.625kHz (PAL), 15.750kHz (NTSC). The former can be multi-band radio detected in the short-wave band, if not generally electromagnetic shielding of the camera, you can listen to the clock signal in about half a meter; the latter can buy a very cheap ultra-low frequency you can buy the very Cheap ultra-low frequency VLF receiver, homemade is not difficult. In addition: there is now a high resolution camera, so the clock frequency will be slightly changed.

 A third breakthrough is that internal power consumers, including image sensors / DSP / MCUs, will heat up. Because image processing consumes computing resources, all of these devices will eventually be exposed to heat dissipation. But this kind of examination needs thermal imager. And sometimes the camera will be deployed in the electrical inside, this time on this detection method is not working.

 The fourth breach is power. As the stealth camera needs long-term work, so generally do not use battery-powered. So the power is essential for the camera fox tail. This limits the camera generally need to pull a power cord in a hidden place in the past, or installed in the electrical inside. The former can be used in general construction works for the wire / metal detector to find the latter can help narrow the search range – the latter can help narrow the search range – focus on looking for appliances inside.

 The last breakthrough is the communication exit, with no one taking the camera and not collecting the video. So the video will also have wired or wireless export. Wireless exports can be detected using a broadband RF scanner, such as 50MHz ~ 3GHz. There are furniture appliances in the normal frequency band to send the radio, then there are problems in all likelihood. Cable outlet and the power cord will generally be together with the cloth, the same applies to wire detectors. Some cameras will use the local memory card, then some people will always move over the traces, and candid will often appear, the risk is too great, in this way with very little.
All of the above testing equipment can be a treasure to buy, whether the combination of your own needs.

Speaking so much, focusing on where to put the most likely to put a spy hidden camera it
 Roof (good line of sight)
 Especially lampholders, power panels, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers
 Books on shelves (emptied), folders
 The rear of the TV, the speaker of the stereo
 Lower edge of table chair
 Wall hung appliances such as bells, air conditioners, ventilation fans
 Alarm clocks, decorations, etc. on the nightstand
Videotaping equipment investment directly and the proportion of the value of access to information, if people really use the above methods are not detected in the equipment to candid, then your privacy is too valuable. I believe that this case you do not need to know the answer to find out, because you absolutely can afford to hire a professional anti-eavesdropping experts to help you clean each room.

Well, that’s it, did not expect so many things to say.

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