Hook wireless hidden camera new magical effect. Because this section is designed for home security design of a product, with the traditional function of hook hook, wireless hidden camera can also be achieved camera function, is now close to the camera hook camera, Year, the social security problems are more and more chaotic, the installation of a large camera, the home to the guests feel good, do not install it, thieves can not forensics, is really a dilemma.

Today, Shenzhen thinkcare technology to push a mini hidden camera wifi, this product can be installed in the room, generally do not find the lens is a wide-angle lens, you can see the room large area of the corner, basically a room installed Two can see all, so do not have to heart shot.

The following is the netizens to use this product after the testimonials and share, the Weihai City, Zhejiang Province, Mr. King, occasionally in the Internet to see this hook clothing hook hidden camera toy, just do not believe there will be such a good product, after the staff Patient introduction, I decided to buy a home to try, because some time ago because the home was stolen, and later called on the police to take pictures after no results, the door asked to know, I can not take the evidence, this time with this Products, will these criminals of the crime process filmed, is currently being tested.

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