A company operating for many years, has been a very good profit, the company developed rapidly growing business is booming. The company has also expanded the human resources sector, recruiting, attracting a number of right-hand man.

However, in the smooth progress together, unexpected things happen. Everything is like fire, such as tea, recently, the company has talked about two large projects, is bound to have, high-level people are very confident to win the two major projects, as the company’s total turn again. Is undoubtedly a big thing!

However, on the day of the tender, unexpectedly lost to an originally unnamed company, is why? High-level leaders are annoyed, watched the tens of millions of assets will be down on the hands as an instant retirement. But there is always a reason, and certainly which details do not good enough, out of the problem. When everyone puzzled, the company’s high-level report to the boss of a surprising news, saying that a senior leadership of the company betrayed the company, the disclosure of information, so that the company plans to complete failure.

The boss can not believe how the beginning, his most effective assistant turned out to be the culprit of the failure of the action. So they secretly arranged for an assistant, online shopping to buy a wireless hidden camera, it is a stealth spy camera hidden, hidden effect is very strong, the original seems to be an ordinary calculator , Actually it is a camera. Finally, in a week later, the hidden spy pen camera¬†to the high-level leadership who secretly broke into the office, pulls out the company’s secret documents, and to the outside to send out to the outside of the office, . Earth-shattering! . . The matter will soon spread throughout the company from top to bottom. The boss also promptly reported to the police, and ultimately sentenced to imprisonment, eradication of black sheep.

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