25Dec 2016

At present, China’s security market on the high-definition network monitoring market, basically still in the initial stage, all kinds of chips, products, system integrators, system platform business in the high-definition network monitoring market sales are still testing the water stage, high-definition network monitoring Of the technology, systems are still in continuous improvement period. Hidden wifi […]

23Dec 2016

A friend asked me yesterday, how to check whether the room was installed airbnb hidden camera, hidden video camera,spy hidden camera, mini spy camera,what tools need to detect, if there is no professional tool, then, what is a simple way to detect,hidden camera detector. Just done the camera, also analyzed the market, a brief introduction […]

02Dec 2016

A company operating for many years, has been a very good profit, the company developed rapidly growing business is booming. The company has also expanded the human resources sector, recruiting, attracting a number of right-hand man. However, in the smooth progress together, unexpected things happen. Everything is like fire, such as tea, recently, the company […]

01Dec 2016

Here to tell you about spy sunglasses operating instructions, hope to bring some friends to help. First, we must first plug the memory card in the card slot, and then boot, press the function key to boot, light directly into the standby mode. Second, the machine into the standby mode, press the function key to […]

01Dec 2016

Hook wireless hidden camera new magical effect. Because this section is designed for home security design of a product, with the traditional function of hook hook, wireless hidden camera can also be achieved camera function, is now close to the camera hook camera, Year, the social security problems are more and more chaotic, the installation […]

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